Welcome to FitWerk Apparel!

About Us

FitWerk Apparel is the lovechild between the founder's love of fitness and her love of wearing workout clothes daily. After realizing that a legal career was not really for her she decided to put herself out there and start a business doing something she loved. In 2019 she started forming FitWerk Apparel. Things were moving quickly until March of 2020. FitWerk was put on hold. Then the very real supply chain issues came up and her new business was not moving forward. However, she stuck it out and is now proud to showcase the first products.

During the work-from-home portion of 2020 the founder asked her daughter if she knew what Mama did for work. Her response was "Mama works on a computer." So boring! This was not what she wanted her daughter to associate with her at all.

FitWerk Apparel was started because she wanted her children to be proud of her, to be unafraid to take risks, to be willing to fail in order to succeed. The launch of this clothing line is so much more than just clothes. However, since this IS a clothing line, FitWerk aims to participate in slow fashion and make high quality ladies activewear where the materials are globally sourced but the product is made in the USA (and hopefully soon, in Texas.) 

Much Love, 

the FitWerk Team